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Our journey

Flyover's journey began with our founder, artist Gunjan Aylawadi's passion for art and vegetarian food. She opened Flyover Fritterie in 2019, an Indian chai bar in Sydney CBD, to honour the hardworking street food heroes, who she met when growing up in India.

Today, Flyover has become a platform for emerging chefs to experiment and perfect their skills with vegetarian food. With our team, we're changing Australian-Indian hospitality, by bringing the big bold flavours of India-inspired, vegetarian food to your plate.

An ode to the street food heroes

We're inspired by the unsung Indian street food heroes. They cook some of the best food we've tasted, dedicating themselves to their craft and family recipes.

Everyday, their food carts are parked under 'flyovers' (overpasses). A steady stream of patrons come to enjoy their food — freshly cooked, made with local ingredients and bursting with vibrant flavours. The community gathers and connects over these beautifully cooked food at their carts.

Just like those cherished street food moments, we strive to create a flavourful experience that shares the lively energy, and brings people together over extraordinary food.

Freshest produce,
made in-house everyday

Big, bold flavour inspired by our Indian heritage

Heartfelt service by our friendly staff

Behind the scene at Flyover

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