Diwali at Flyover

Join us for an Indo-Mauritian gems crossed over Flyover’s signature dishes and flavours. 5pm till late, Saturday, May 20.

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Our winter greens chaat is official on TV.

IF YOU’VE COME TO FLYOVER recently, you would have very likely heard me go on & on about our “winter greens chaat”. Crispy crunchy kale leaves that are topped with the freshest mint chutney, our zingy tamarind chutney, sweet yoghurt, black chickpeas, pomegranate & grapes for the great texture-flavor party of 2023.

It is the perfect example of why I think CHAAT is the greatest thing on earth. I call it ‘democratic pastry work’ - one that has all the same layers. the contrast of crunch & chew, savory & sweet, fresh & preserved, hot & cool. while needing no complex tools/space, just time & attention to tiny details.

I am thrilled to be sharing the recipe & technique on tonight’s episode (STREET TREATS) of The Cook Up with Adam Liaw. If watching it makes you hungry, you know where to come get your chaat fix! . Also very excited to watch and recreate Nagesh’s recipe of a Mauritian street treat, eggplant noodles. They were ridiculously good and I am still dreaming of eating them again!

Our winter greens chaat is official on TV.

THE COOK UP, weeknights at 7pm on SBS Food (Ch 33).

Streaming free on SBS on Demand.

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